Guide to Hunting Etiquette

What we do

We hunt within the law, but are committed to the Hunting Act being repealed. We therefore meet to:

  • Trail Hunt – this involves using hounds to hunt a trail laid with a rag steeped in a manufactured scent.

  • Hound Exercise – basically lots of people taking a large group of hounds for a walk.

Dress Code

This always sounds complicated but being smart and tidy is what its all about.

  • Boots (leather recommended) or jodhpur boots with gaiters

  • Jodhpurs or breeches – beige preferred.

  • Shirt with neck tie or stock tie. Pony Club members should wear their PC tie.

  • Hacking or show Jacket (tweed, navy, or black) – Tweed before opening meet – hunting coats, show jackets after. Gloves are also recommend to stop blisters forming and to keep fingers warm!

  • Riding hat – should be of the approved ‘safety’ design with plain or dark cover.

  • Horse Tack should be clean and in good condition. Black or brown, no bright colours.

  • The most important thing on Exmoor is to dress for the weather – water proofs more often than not!!!!

Un -Boxing

  • Park sensibly

  • Do not block lanes, driveways, or gateways

  • Do not do anything to cause congestion or inconvenience to others road users.

  • Un-box well away from the Meet unless other instructions of where to park have been given.

Dealing with Gates

  • Gates should always be left as they were found.
  • If, in doubt YOU must shut the gate, and fasten it with whatever it was fastened with, you may find it helpful to carry some spare string in your pocket in case you cannot find how it was fastened.

Riding along Roads

  • The mounted field should always ride keeping to the left-hand side of the road leaving sufficient room for the horse in front.
  • Care should be taken not to hold up non-hunting traffic, cars, bicycles and walkers, it is easy to make enemies of the general public if the hunt blocks the road.
  • Always leave enough room to allow motorists to pass easily.
  • When a car does pass or when oncoming traffic slows down you should always thank them, a wave and a smile works wonders!
  • When standing near parked cars you should always leave enough room to avoid damaging the car with stirrups, tack or horse.
  • When riding along the road care should also be taken not to ride across verges that are obviously kept mown by home owners. Great pride can be taken over property and a set of deep hoof prints adds nothing to the look of a manicured verge.

Arrive in good time in order to meet everyone and find out what will be happening during the day.

At the Meet

  • Try to locate one of the Masters and the Secretary to introduce yourself.

  • The Secretary is responsible for collecting your cap.

  • Hosts normally offer a drink and nibbles.

  • The Master will thank the hosts before moving off.

  • Newcommers are advised to ride towards the back of the field.

  • Two things to be aware of: a horse with a red ribbon on its tail might kick and a young horse will have a green ribbon on its tail.

  • Pay close attention to the hounds. Always keep your horse’s head towards them and don’t allow your horse or pony to be in a position where it might kick out at a hound or other riders.

Priority of the Day

Is to enjoy yourself in the countryside watching the hounds and enjoying a good ride.

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