Post War

Colonel Jackson was to be Master from 1946 – 1960. He was a most remarkable man having had a distinguished army career as Commander of the Warwickshire Yeomanry, saw action at Alamein and in Italy and he was awarded the DSO. Then, after the fighting had ended, he lost both of his legs in a minefield explosion. Having spent quite a lot of time on Exmoor before the war, hunting with the Staghounds and Foxhounds, he returned to Oare Manor and his family to convalesce. He was determined to carry on living his life as normally as he possibly could, and so before too long he had taught himself to ride again and was soon hunting. During his Mastership, he gained a very high reputation as a man of integrity, kindness and fun and it was another golden era for the Exmoor Foxhounds.

Mr J B Hosegood was invited by Colonel Jackson to join the Mastership from 1956, and until the season of 1961 Mr Hosegood hunted hounds two days a week while Victor Martin continued to hunt the hounds on the remaining day. During this time, Mr Hosegood was also largely responsible for bringing the kennels at Balewater into the 20th century when electricity was installed by means of a generator and the water supply, drainage and storage areas were brought up to date. With Mr Hosegood’s business connections with the local farming community the Exmoor Foxhounds continued to enjoy great popularity from the locals, plus ever more numbers of hunting visitors during the springtime.

In April 1960, Colonel Jackson died suddenly at his home in Exford. With arrangements having already been made for the following season, Mrs Jackson said she would take her husband’s place and join the Mastership.

Mrs Jackson then carried on as sole master from 1961 – 1964 with Victor Martin continuing as her huntsman, and when they both retired at the end of April, 1964, Mr J B Hosegood returned to take up the reins with Andy Fairington as his new kennel-huntsman. This was the situation at Balewater for ten good seasons, until Andy Fairington retired and was replaced by Alfred Dyer. Mr Robin Pugsley now joined the Mastership for three seasons.

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